Hold strong … the love of the arts

Art and the soulI am an artist

I support the arts, I love the arts – I am artsy! What can I say, while I was working in the business world, I was always craving something else, “what was missing?” I would ask myself? As it turned out, it was my artistic side that was not being fueled.

Working with artistic types is so different. So much passion for what they do, in fact I have so much passion for what I do (or am trying to do) now.

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Music, not just for Glee(ks) …


Music is something that everybody can appreciate and enjoy – the universal language (so much better than math!).

With a lot going on in my life right now I find myself listening to music all the time and finding new meaning in the songs. My love of music has always been a huge part of my life growing up, the first thing I used to do when coming home from school and then work was turn on the radio or play some CDs (really showing my age now!). I used to just listen to the music but now I find myself really hearing, feeling and relating to the lyrics – hence the quote above by Frank Ocean.

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EDC Vegas 2012!

Next in my life experiences my friend suggested we go to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. the largest event in North America with approximately 350,000 people attending a 3 day electronic dance music carnival over 3 nights (Friday to Sunday starting around 7pm and ending at 6.30am the next morning).

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First step in personal growth

About a year ago I was watching a movie with one of my best friends and I said to him that I love watching dance movies (like Step Up – a guilty pleasure, but the movie has awesome dance moves!) and have always wanted to learn hip hop so thought I might as well try it while I still physically can.

Not knowing what to expect, he looked at me in amazement and said that he has been wanting to take lessons for years but could not find anybody to go with him. So we figured, what the heck, just do it.

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