Cherish your inner child …



I was having lunch with a friend of mine, Victoria, who is in her mid twenties and it is amazing that during our conversations that you could never tell that there is a 15 year age difference between us. Is she mature for her age – not at all! For some reason I am always a source of entertainment for her as she can’t stop laughing at my antics! I think she laughs more than anybody else I know, which is one of her great qualities!

I told her that I have always acted younger than my age, maybe it is partly due to the fact that I actually look like I am in my late twenties, but really I am just a big kid. I like to see life the way it should seen – there to experience, enjoy, learn, grow, and most importantly have fun while living it!

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Embracing life, and all it has to offer!

The title says it all!

So many of my wife’s friends and other mothers at school go up to her and ask “What is wrong with your husband? Is this his mid life crisis?”. One of the mothers always goes up to my wife and is fascinated with what I am doing, she would never allow her husband to do these things and in fact does not want me to be a bad influence!

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EDC Vegas 2012!

Next in my life experiences my friend suggested we go to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. the largest event in North America with approximately 350,000 people attending a 3 day electronic dance music carnival over 3 nights (Friday to Sunday starting around 7pm and ending at 6.30am the next morning).

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And then it started … Mid-life evaluation, not a crisis!

Last year I turned 40 and I realized life was flying by so quickly. Had I achieved what I wanted by now, had I experienced everything that I wanted? Life has been great and is in fact still great, I have so much, what more could I ask for?

Time is so precious, and finite, what would I regret? “Mid-life crisis?” many friends had suggested, more like “Mid-life Evaluation” I would reply. A mid-life crisis in my opinion is when you do things out of character and then suddenly return back to the way things were. A mid-life evaluation is where you change for the better and keep on changing, or growing as I like to put it – Personal Growth.

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