Hold strong … the love of the arts

Art and the soulI am an artist

I support the arts, I love the arts – I am artsy! What can I say, while I was working in the business world, I was always craving something else, “what was missing?” I would ask myself? As it turned out, it was my artistic side that was not being fueled.

Working with artistic types is so different. So much passion for what they do, in fact I have so much passion for what I do (or am trying to do) now.

It is hard to explain to people who are in typical corporations. If you work at a bank, how many people do you see who are truly passionate about their work (let alone enjoy it)? While working at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), I saw so much passion in the people as they work, and now as I move to the content side of TV and film I see it even more.

The pragmatist in me can totally see the fact that it is hard to make a living in the arts (not everybody can make those big hits). I understand why I was steered in one direction as a kid by my parents. The entrepreneur in me believes that I can be successful in the arts! Right now I would be happy If could just make a living 🙂

Lots of people think I am crazy for following my passion, funny enough though, all the artsy types commend it and support me fully. Funny how that works!

For my kids I encourage their artistic side and fully support any decision for a career in the arts. I just need them to realize that whatever they choose they must be happy with what they are doing, and also be able to support themselves.

I am happy …

ArtistsCreativity takes courage


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