People’s true colors

What People Say When MadTrue Colors In Time

Isn’t it surprising when people’s true colours finally reveal themselves. They could turn out so much better or worse than expected. Unfortunately it is normally worse.

This happens both at work and in ones personal life. Adverse situations tend to bring this out. Few people have really surprised me, but when they did – it came out of left field.

I have worked in several start ups and with the ups and downs, particularly when it comes to finances (both corporate and personal) people are pushed to their limits. It is in situations like this where you see what people are really like, what they are really made of, who your real friends are, who will help you in your time of need etc. I try not to judge as everybody has a past, different circumstances that dictate reactions or actions, but sometimes it is hard not to.

I like to think that I am very much a what you see is what you get type of person. So far that is the comment I have received from friends and colleagues. Plus when push comes to shove, my ethics and morals do not change, or at least have not to date. I find I keep getting pushed and my limits tested, staying true to oneself is all I know and keeps me on the path that I feel is right and can live with …

Best Thing About Worst TimeSeasons Change People Don't


2 thoughts on “People’s true colors

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  2. In life we are always experiencing ups and downs, we are happy and sad, there is good and bad. I’ve learned the hard way and that was when I lost the most precious thing in my life and that was my husband, my kids, and my home. I was torn apart my life was empty when my husband died then my children and home were taken from me. I was mortified, lonely, and angry. I couldn’t understand why this would happen to me. Everything I ever loved was gone and I was left alone. I had really hit rock bottom. In time I was able to get on my feet. I now live with my youngest son and I have a roof over our heads. I still struggle but I believe we all do. I still think of my husband everyday and I still shed tears for him. He taught me the value of love and life and I can’t even tell him how he will always be in my life in my memories. But I have learned to never take life for granted because in a heart beat it can all be taken from you. Life is to short. Enjoy every moment while you can. Be positive and things go a little easier and always remember that we learn from our mishaps. Today I am proud to be who I am. And I am so greatful that I have my children and family. I am so proud of my youngest son he is the one that lives with me. He is what keeps me thinking that there is always better days ahead. But for now I remain positive.

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