Funny things my kids have said …

Funny Kids Quotes

My kids are a constant source of amazement and laughter. Some of their comments just crack me up so much, I don’t know where they come from, so I just had to write them down somewhere – may as well be here! Most of the funny comments are about their lovely mom!

My wife was working out with one of her workout videos and my youngest screams “Mommy you are not doing it right! If you do it like that you will be fat forever!” … and my wife is skinny!

I told my daughter that her mom bought her a dress and her response was “But she does not know my taste or my style!

The kids asked “Why should we listen to mommmy when she does not listen to us!” My youngest also said that “Mommy only hears what she wants to hear!

My daughter’s comment while watching America’s Top Model College Edition “Mommy is just angry because daddy wants to date one of them!

I told my oldest daughter that her sister lost all her Epi Pens and she said “She is so irresponsible, she gets it from mommy!

My wife was slightly late to pick up our daughter from Hip Hop and the teacher asked her where she was, daughter’s response “She’s probably shopping!

My youngest asked me “Can Spider-Man lick his under pits?” while trying to do the same!

The first time my daughter got her hair cut at the Salon with her mom she said “I want to be a star and famous so that I can do this every day!


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