Do I dream too much … Or just too big?

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I have been told that I am too idealistic, and a dreamer. Is it wrong to be this way? This is in relation to all aspects of my life, whether it be relationships, friendships or work.

I believe in that perfect relationship and strive to have it. I long for that perfect job and am pursuing my passion in order to find it. If we don’t dream then where does that leave us?

My wife’s friends still ask her how she can cope with somebody like me? They just cannot comprehend my actions or appreciate my philosophy or my dreams. My philosophy and dreams are derived from my idealistic view of life or goals for obtaining it.

A friend pointed out that I have quite a dichotomous personality – one aspect is very corporate, business like and focused, yet I have such an artistic and creative part of me that people view as completely opposite – hence the dichotomy. Personally I like the dichotomy and think it makes life more interesting, and makes me a more interesting person :). To some, this is strange and it does not make sense to them. I don’t fit the regular mold, I am not like the average person, whatever that may be.

I really cherish the friends that not only accept me because of this, but also understand, relate and embrace it as well. These are the friends that I connect with on a much deeper level.

I have also been asked if my love for TV and movies have coloured my expectation of life:

  1. A partner from a romantic comedy – who would not want that perfect happy romance or partner?
  2. A career like Gordon Gekko or one of these successful movie / TV producers – success can come in many forms, but I have always been career oriented and aimed high, why would I not be able to succeed like this?
  3. A best guy and woman friend – too many shows and movies are like this (Friends / How I Met Your Mother – any others?). A male best friend is very different to a female best friend, I have always wanted both, and believe you can.

Have I been influenced by my love of tv? Maybe, I don’t know. Everything we learn at school, from other people, the media etc. affect and influence the way we think. I love the quote below, something so simple and happy:

“She lives life in her own little fairytale”

Am I too extreme, too naive? I don’t think so. I am fully aware of the realities of life, but like to hope for the best, even if it is remote. Isn’t it great to think and hope that life can and should be this ideal?

To end my thoughts I came across this great video about life, less so about dreams, but more about happiness, and just had to share it.

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