Soulmate … Soulfriend, Kindred Spirit



People often talk about soulmates, but what about “soulfriends”?

While I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t believe in that single soulmate, I do believe in the principle of a soulmate, so the thought of a soulfriend is equally intriguing and also heart warming at the same time. One of the quotes above suggests that this person could be a friend, sibling or even a parent or child.

I have known many people who have said that their best friend is their sibling. This makes so much sense to me, as they share the same DNA after all! When I look at my oldest daughter I see so much of myself in her – the way we think and analyze the world and ourselves, even she thinks we are so much alike. I do feel some type of kindred spirit, both having deep thoughts about life etc. We have such a great relationship (as would most at this age) but hopefully it grows and strengthens as she gets older. I am not saying I will be her best friend when she is older, but I can definitely see how we would have an amazing connection going forward (she is still very young and the teenage years lie ahead!).

Finding any type of connection like this is amazing and I believe does not come along often, and hence should be cherished if found. Could it be even harder to find a connection like this with a friend than a partner? With a partner, the intimacy can bring you closer than ever before, with a friend you rely on similarities of interest, viewpoints, philosophy etc. In both cases it would just make sense, and feel right, in different ways of course.

Either way it is a blessing to find a soulmate partner, kindred spirit or soulfriend. I think these kinds of connections are “magical” when they happen. Once you have one you should never let go as you may never find something like that again – what are the chances of finding it in the first place?

The idea of a “soulfriend”, I like this a lot, it would be great to have such a friend – friendship forever …

Best Friends 01Best Friends 4Soul friend 1Best Friends 5


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