Believe that anything is possible …

Believe In Yourself 01Believe In Yourself 03

I was raised to believe that anything is possible, the sky is the limit. My parents always believed that I could achieve whatever I wanted provided I set my mind to it.

This type of encouragement was great as a kid – parents having so much faith in their child. Although sometimes they could not understand why I did not get straight “As” in school (I was a late bloomer!). I found that with this upbringing I set the bar high as I believed it was achievable with hard work and a bit of luck.

In contrast, my wife had the opposite experience believing things were so hard to achieve. When we both wrote our professional designation exams, her parents doubted that she could pass – we both did, and she is very bright.

I find that I am able to take risks and have goals that seem very difficult as I believe that I can achieve success no matter how hard the task. When I applied for investment banking jobs many years ago, I did not have the typical background they were looking for in London – Ivy League equivalent schooling (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard etc.), straight As in high school and university etc. Instead of giving up I prepared for a year for potential interviews reading the appropriate text books and business periodicals, studying the markets, politics etc. Luckily I got the job on the first attempt – although I believe I made some of my own luck!

Even now as I try to produce TV shows, another goal that seems so remote to some, I firmly believe I have what it takes and will try my hardest to succeed. I never give up whether it is work related, or personal such as friendships etc. – anything is possible.

My wife and I try to raise our own kids this way, always concentrating on encouraging them and making sure that they believe in themselves. We try to instill the confidence to succeed in whatever they choose to do. They are still young but by starting early we hope that if we believe in them, then they will believe in themselves. We notice that as they become good at anything (like a sport) their confidence just grows.

For others who are also part of their daily lives and upbringing we make sure that they understand this philosophy so that they do not counteract what we are trying to achieve.

Another great quote and song:

Believe In Yourself 02

As the song from Ellie Goulding says: Anything Could Happen


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