Believe in the silver lining …

Silver lining

I have been thinking a lot about how I have gotten to where I am right now – “Lost but with direction, a path forward but uncertain of the journey yet to come”.

Many obstacles have been put in my path, but because of them I am in a position or have an opportunity to reach for one of my dreams. This is not the silver lining I refer to above. The silver lining came in the form of a new friend.

About 2 years ago I went though one of the worst experiences of my life – the boss from hell. Around the same time as that movie “Horrible Bosses”, talk about perfect timing.

Words cannot explain what we went through, one of my colleagues even needed therapy. Everybody who dealt with this boss felt sorry for us and me in particular. I had people coming up to me asking how I was doing and feeling sorry for me all the time. I barely survived mentally. This was a turning point in my career … and not a good one.

This boss eventually got fired after 9 months from when she was hired, maybe this posting should be about “Karma” 🙂

While I went through incredible stress, if it were not for this boss I would never have made one of my best and dearest friends ever, the type of best friend I had always wanted. My friend was hired by this boss from hell, and because of this, I would never change this terrible experience. While I could look back at this time with resentment, I now only (choose to) remember the good that came out of it. I was fortunate to find my silver lining …


2 thoughts on “Believe in the silver lining …

    • Thanks. I too value friends a lot. I don’t know how I would survive the obstacles life throws at me without friends. This friend in particular, helped me survive that terrible period in my life.

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