Soulmates … Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship?

soul A

I believe in that perfect relationship – rightly or wrongly so! I have been told that I have a romanticized view of this but I don’t believe that anybody should settle. So many people are in just a comfortable or routine relationship, and there is nothing wrong with that – each to his or her own.

Define perfect? Perfect has a different meaning for each person. This does not mean that you don’t argue, disagree or are interested in the exactly same thing. In fact differences are what makes it interesting.

So, perfect? To me everything should just feel “right”, but this is hard to define. When your thoughts wonder aimlessly do they steer towards your partner? Does you partner make you a better person, the person you always wanted to be? Do they help you grow, and can you learn from them? Do they challenge you or your way of thinking? Are you headed in the same direction, do you want the same out of life? Do they make you laugh? All of these things and more I believe contribute to that perfect relationship – at least for me.

A natural question then, is that of soulmates. I don’t believe in that single soulmate. That does not mean I don’t believe in the principle. Could there really be only one person in the world for you? If that is the case then chances are most people will never find that perfect partner.

Instead, I believe that there are several perfect matches, or several would be “soulmates”. Maybe 1, 2, 3 or more – pick your number, but I think it probably lies somewhere between 5 and 10. The chances of meeting that person is still slight, and timing plays such a key part.

You could meet one of these soulmates when you are 16 but the timing could be off, neither may be ready for a long term relationship. Or then again at a later age where either party could be committed to someone already and not looking for anybody else. Love is a strange thing. Luck plays a part in so much of life.

To complicate matters, if you find that perfect soulmate at the right time, things change as you grow and they may no longer be that perfect soulmate years later.

The perfect soulmate really spans the test of time and only when you are 99 and lived through every up and down, then will you be able to reflect back through the years and say, yes, she or he was my soulmate and I miss them now that they are gone.

I’m sure many of you have opinions on this matter, which I would love to hear.

For those of you looking for that perfect partner, I wish you luck. For those of us in a relationship, may we cherish and always appreciate what we have as relationships are never easy.

As I mentioned I believe in that perfect relationship and everybody deserves one, or at least a chance for one …


3 thoughts on “Soulmates … Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship?

  1. I love this! I agree with you, timing and luck play a part — but I think an open heart/mind can also lead one toward untold possibilities… Thanks for sharing your beautiful optimism!

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