Is there such a thing as a perfect job?

For the lucky few, I think so. I know I came close.

If you turn your passion into your job it can go either way. A friend of mine quit her job at a bank to start a photography business as photography was her true passion. The business did well but after several years it killed her passion and now she is back at the bank choosing to do photography on the side.

For me my passion is media and TV. Even as a kid I wanted to be involved in TV but went into investment banking. By luck I ended up in media, first in the newspaper industry and then in the broadcast industry with Canada’s public broadcaster.

For the most part it was a dream come true as I worked on the business side of media in strategy. Every day I would look forward to coming to work and most days it never felt like work. I had found my calling. Everything I would read outside of work would be related to work and I would have been reading these things anyway. Going to conferences and learning about cutting edge media, mobile and internet was so much fun. I finally managed to combine work with my personal interests and passion. Not many people get to do this. I would tell my wife that I get to watch TV and it is work, while she is supposed to read financial periodicals!

Another important aspect is the people. Most of the people I worked and interacted with were great. In the last year I worked with a small group of 4 and we became friends as opposed to just co-workers even though the ages were quite different (25, 30, 35, 40). The one thing about being in media is that we all have a passion for the industry hence had similar personalities. Some were amazed how close the group was and had become in such a short time. One of them actually became one of my best and dearest friends (probably one of my top 3 friends).

While things have changed a lot since then, I realized that it is possible to have that ideal job and I strive to get that back. Only time will tell if I succeed …


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