Friendship …


My father once told me not to place so much emphasis on friends when making decisions because when you grow up you will spend most of your time with your family. While it is true I spend most of my time with my immediate family I rely significantly on my friends to destress and just forget the inherent problems that arise from work and life.

Some say I value friends more than most but your friends help define you as you grow up, I am talking about your peer group as a kid and into adulthood. As much as you learn from your parents, it is also your friends that steer you into the right or wrong direction. When life gets tough or problems arise, your friends can be the first source for comfort, for me I don’t how I would cope with some the things that life throws at me without my friends.

As a kid I always had lots of friends but never a best friend which I always wanted (both male and female). I never really fit in completely in the UK being one of the few visible minorities growing up there. Canada is so multicultural, it is much easier to find a group of people that you can “click” with, I think this is why I place so much importance on friendships. I am fortunate to have lots of good friends that I have maintained since university and developed during my working career. These friends would drop everything to help if need be, which is why I always make an effort to get everybody together at least once a month (we all have families so it is hard to find the time).

As I mentioned previously, as time is so prescious I am very particular who I spend time with and become friends with. More about best friends at a later date…

I do though enjoy meeting new people and am always amazed how many interesting and good people there are out there. In particular whenever I go to a wedding I always find myself saying during the speeches that either the bride or groom (one of which I never know) seems like such a good person and it gives me faith that there are many good and interesting people out there.

Here is to friendship, Cheers!


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