Embracing life, and all it has to offer!

The title says it all!

So many of my wife’s friends and other mothers at school go up to her and ask “What is wrong with your husband? Is this his mid life crisis?”. One of the mothers always goes up to my wife and is fascinated with what I am doing, she would never allow her husband to do these things and in fact does not want me to be a bad influence!

Is it really that bad? I have been told I am a great father. I got up every night when my kids were young and held them to sleep (often several hours a day – we had bad sleepers). Even almost a decade later, my youngest wakes up at night between 1am and 4am, and I will always go to her and lie down with her if necessary. I don’t mind because there will come a time when they will rather be with their friends than parents.

I could not do much when the kids were young as they require so much attention, now they are older I am able to go out every other week with the guys, go on a guys weekend away once or twice a year and enjoy time with good friends.

I believe if you want to be a good parent, you have to also be happy with yourself personally. For me that is ensuring that I still live my life and grow. I stopped certain interests like martial arts which I did all my life so that I can spend that time experiencing other interests.

Some people are happy with the status quo, and are happy with the comfort of routine. I see nothing wrong with that, but others like me want to expand ourselves.

It pains me when people make negative comments about my journey thinking that I am immature. Not all are like this, some admire how I am embracing life and my creative side. As I have mentioned before so many people are all talk and no action. I never want to be like that.

I am lucky that my good friend Vic has the same philosophy about life as me, and that I have a friend who can travel this journey as well.

As better people than me have said:


4 thoughts on “Embracing life, and all it has to offer!

    • Some people are very a-typical. I know I am not like most people but I believe my differences are positive, and it great when others and friends feel the same way about me. Life is just too short and there are so many great things to experience. It is a shame to miss out on the wonders of life.

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