EDC Vegas 2012!

Next in my life experiences my friend suggested we go to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. the largest event in North America with approximately 350,000 people attending a 3 day electronic dance music carnival over 3 nights (Friday to Sunday starting around 7pm and ending at 6.30am the next morning).

Electronic dance music is not really my scene but I thought the experience would be eye opening, that many people all in one place! Most friends and acquaintances thought we were crazy or even immature (one mother at my daughter’s school told my wife to keep me away from her husband as I was a bad influence! More about that in a future post), but some once again admired how we were embracing life.

Four other friends ended up going with me to this Vegas party, all had a real passion for this type of music and have followed the careers of the artists from the beginning. The expectations were set high and it was quite an ordeal getting to the venue – the Las Vegas Speedway, right in the middle of the desert, the only place big enough.

An hour in traffic, and then another hour and a half picking up the tickets and getting in on the first day. I will never forget that feeling when we entered. By the time we got in it was midnight, pitch black. You could hear the music pounding. Picture five guys entering at the top of the speedway race track, the moment we entered our mouths dropped. Never before had I seen such a sight. The whole centre of the race track was lit up with lights from the six stages and carnival rides. Beneath us on the ground was sea of people! I had never seen so many people in one place before!

The night was non stop dancing, people high on the music, everybody was there to just have a great time! Unbelievable! Truly an experience I will never forget.

I really cannot put in words what we felt, hopefully the official before and after trailers can give the feeling of how much fun the carnival was.

After EDC, my friend suggested Coachella, a different crowd but more my type of music. Coachella is definitely on my to do list.


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