Acting is harder than it looks …

My first acting class seemed ok, until the teacher told us to prepare a song for our next class. We were to discuss the meaning, emotions associated with it, how we relate and then sing a few lines. Sounds easy for some, but not for me as I can’t put a tune together even if I tried.

Anyway I chose my favorite song at the time “Somebody That I Used To Know”.

When the next class started some of the women in the class went first. I was blown away with the emotions associated with the songs they chose – broken relationships etc. They were really opening themselves up to a class of strangers. Actually quite impressive and scary at the same time. Then came the singing and some were amazing, I was getting very nervous.

When my turn came, I was so nervous opening up myself and associated emotions that I even forgot the name of the song and the tune. I had to get the class to hum the tune, it was hilarious, but the class was so supportive. Anyway I sang some lines and was so relieved when it was done but felt another huge sense of accomplishment!

The classes continued and were so much fun – improvisation came next and then monologues. I found that I grew so much during the course and had a blast! Next up in January will be Acting Level 2 – comedy! Can’t wait.

A better rendition than mine …


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