First step in personal growth

About a year ago I was watching a movie with one of my best friends and I said to him that I love watching dance movies (like Step Up – a guilty pleasure, but the movie has awesome dance moves!) and have always wanted to learn hip hop so thought I might as well try it while I still physically can.

Not knowing what to expect, he looked at me in amazement and said that he has been wanting to take lessons for years but could not find anybody to go with him. So we figured, what the heck, just do it.

The classes were so much fun but hard. After the first class I felt a huge sense of accomplishment as I never thought I could dance in front of a room full of strangers without feeling like a fool (two left feet and all). Truth be told, I enjoyed the music so much and was trying to remember the routine that I did not even think about anybody else in the class. I should have started lessons long ago but better late than never.

Another good friend told me that she was impressed that I was not like others who say that they want to do something but never do – I actually follow through. At that moment I promised myself I would always follow through on things I wanted to do and continue to grow on a personal level, who cares what people think!

Here is one of the advance classes:

Next up my friend asked if I had ever thought of trying acting classes? That is something I had always wanted to do for many reasons – for fun, plus I thought it would help me become less self conscious and improve my public speaking. So next up was Acting 101 with my hip hop buddy! Some friends thought we were crazy, others admired that we were finding creative outlets. Nevertheless, we continued on our quest for trying things that we always wanted to do …


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