And then it started … Mid-life evaluation, not a crisis!

Last year I turned 40 and I realized life was flying by so quickly. Had I achieved what I wanted by now, had I experienced everything that I wanted? Life has been great and is in fact still great, I have so much, what more could I ask for?

Time is so precious, and finite, what would I regret? “Mid-life crisis?” many friends had suggested, more like “Mid-life Evaluation” I would reply. A mid-life crisis in my opinion is when you do things out of character and then suddenly return back to the way things were. A mid-life evaluation is where you change for the better and keep on changing, or growing as I like to put it – Personal Growth.

I started to evaluate my life, starting with people. Who do I want to spend time with, what qualities do I value? Life was too short to spend time with the wrong people. Not that these people are bad, but I would rather not waste time instead spend it with people I value for whatever reason. I started to become more philosophical.

At the same time I came across several articles that hit home, namely:

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself

What would be next, work, hobbies, life was about to change so much. Who would help me, support me, and even travel the same path. That is for another post, and luckily for me I found a kindred spirit, a friend I had known for many years that also felt the same way and had a similar philosophy.



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