I don’t have birthdays … I level up!

2012 has been a really long and tough year for me and I can’t wait for it to be over, but I really don’t want to be another year older!

I don’t have birthdays … I level up!

I want this is a my new moto – I don’t get older, I get get better, I improve myself and grow as a person with each year!

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Soulmates … Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship?

soul A

I believe in that perfect relationship – rightly or wrongly so! I have been told that I have a romanticized view of this but I don’t believe that anybody should settle. So many people are in just a comfortable or routine relationship, and there is nothing wrong with that – each to his or her own.

Define perfect? Perfect has a different meaning for each person. This does not mean that you don’t argue, disagree or are interested in the exactly same thing. In fact differences are what makes it interesting.

So, perfect? To me everything should just feel “right”, but this is hard to define. When your thoughts wonder aimlessly do they steer towards your partner? Does you partner make you a better person, the person you always wanted to be? Do they help you grow, and can you learn from them? Do they challenge you or your way of thinking? Are you headed in the same direction, do you want the same out of life? Do they make you laugh? All of these things and more I believe contribute to that perfect relationship – at least for me.

A natural question then, is that of soulmates. I don’t believe in that single soulmate. That does not mean I don’t believe in the principle. Could there really be only one person in the world for you? If that is the case then chances are most people will never find that perfect partner.

Instead, I believe that there are several perfect matches, or several would be “soulmates”. Maybe 1, 2, 3 or more – pick your number, but I think it probably lies somewhere between 5 and 10. The chances of meeting that person is still slight, and timing plays such a key part.

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My philosophy …

I have always been fairly philosophical and even in university took an Asian philosophy course, although I think it was too deep for me then, and I don’t think that I was quite ready for it.

I recently renewed my interest in Asian philosophy, partly due to a friend who almost became a Buddhist monk. I have started reading several interesting books on Buddhism and Taoism that have helped me think about life in a more spiritual way, and also manage the multitude of obstacles that have been thrown in my path.

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Music, not just for Glee(ks) …


Music is something that everybody can appreciate and enjoy – the universal language (so much better than math!).

With a lot going on in my life right now I find myself listening to music all the time and finding new meaning in the songs. My love of music has always been a huge part of my life growing up, the first thing I used to do when coming home from school and then work was turn on the radio or play some CDs (really showing my age now!). I used to just listen to the music but now I find myself really hearing, feeling and relating to the lyrics – hence the quote above by Frank Ocean.

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I always wanted a tattoo but never knew what to get. It had to have meaning, I didn’t want an image or sentence that was generic or that had no meaning to me.

Then hit it me. “Vive Sine Paenitentia – Live Without Regret

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Is there such a thing as a perfect job?

For the lucky few, I think so. I know I came close.

If you turn your passion into your job it can go either way. A friend of mine quit her job at a bank to start a photography business as photography was her true passion. The business did well but after several years it killed her passion and now she is back at the bank choosing to do photography on the side.

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Friendship …


My father once told me not to place so much emphasis on friends when making decisions because when you grow up you will spend most of your time with your family. While it is true I spend most of my time with my immediate family I rely significantly on my friends to destress and just forget the inherent problems that arise from work and life.

Some say I value friends more than most but your friends help define you as you grow up, I am talking about your peer group as a kid and into adulthood. As much as you learn from your parents, it is also your friends that steer you into the right or wrong direction. When life gets tough or problems arise, your friends can be the first source for comfort, for me I don’t how I would cope with some the things that life throws at me without my friends.

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